Choose your size!

As you know, tomorrow you will have a chance to win a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes in our raffle. There are a range of sizes from 36 to 47 EU size.

Shoe styles

There are also a variety of styles so why not pop over tomorrow and see what is available. Remember, if you bring in an old pair of shoes or a plant, you get one free ticket.



A chance to win a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes.

Whilst building a forest to protect our planet in Imperial College London, VIVOBAREFOOT are kindly joining us to protect your precious soles.

This Friday don’t miss your chance to win a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes.

The winners will be chosen through drawing a raffle at 5pm – at the end of the Life Art Installation.

Each ticket costs £1.

If you bring an old pair of shoes or plants, then you get one free entry into the draw.

We have 10 pairs to give away with various sizes for both men and women, so keep your eyes on this space for further information regarding sizes and shoes.

Good Luck!


VIVOBAREFOOT, the original barefoot shoe brand since 2003, make the most proprioceptive* soles in the world with patented protection. VIVOBAREFOOT are proud to offer the largest selection of barefoot shoes across performance, lifestyle and kids. The performance range includes on-road, off-road, waterproof, amphibious and multi-terrain products. All VIVOBAREFOOT shoes feature its patented, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole for maximum proprioception** with protection.
*Proprioception is the ability for the body to sense the forces acting on it

We make shoes. Better for you. Better for the environment.

Soles of Nature in London on the 21st of October!

The day is fast approaching, and we are getting ready to bring “Soles of Nature” to life on the 21st of October! If you want to participate in a life art installation or if you just want to learn about forests, come and visit us!


A life art installation that recreates a forest by planting small trees and plants in old shoes will be growing thanks to participation from the public.

When: 21st of October 12pm – 5pm,

Where: Imperial College Union, Beit Quad, Prince Consort Road, SW7 2BB

Do you have old shoes you’ve been meaning to throw away? You have some plants that need a new pot? Bring old shoes, plants or better, a plant or small tree planted inside a shoe! When the installation is finished you will be able to take shoe-pot with plants home!


In an engaging talk, some speakers will tell us about the forests on our planet, about the dangers that threaten them and about some things we can do to help them survive.

Speakers: Penny Davis, Senior Forestry Adviser, DFID (Department for International Development) and Peter Sawyer, Program Manager, WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

When: 21st of October 2:30-3:30 pm

Where: Room 6 SALC. 5th floor, Sherfield Building, Imperial College London, South Kensington, SW7 2AZ

Places for the talk are limited, you can book your place by sending an email to: or just pop in on the 21st to see if there are any places left.

You can find information on how to get there by clicking here.


The “Soles of Nature” event is part of the London Science Festival, that is taking place between the 19-26 of October in several venues around London. For more information on the Festival and other events taking place during those dates click here.

What is “Soles of Nature”

“Soles of Nature” is an art-science participative event based on the metaphor that shoe-soles are as important to hold us and protect our feet as forests are to hold and protect our entire planet.

In the event, that will take place in London in October 2011, we will invite the audience to participate in a life interactive art installation by planting tree-shoots in old shoes, to create an artificial representation of a forest.

This event has been designed based on the artwork of mexican artist, Alejandra España, who has kindly agreed to collaborate in this project. You can view more of her work here.